Monday, December 9, 2019

December 14: Opening Reception of THE GIGANTIC MINIATURE SHOW in Jersey City

Please join us SATURDAY NIGHT, December 14th, from 6-10pm, for the Opening Reception of THE GIGANTIC MINIATURE SHOW, featuring small (and affordable!) works by over 30 artists from Jersey City and beyond.

This is our third annual holiday season art show—there is an incredible variety of amazing small works by your favorite Deep Space artists!! As a "cash and carry" art show, all works can be taken home at the time of purchase so that they are gift-giving ready for the holidays.  Come shop!! You are sure to find something unique and special for yourself or for someone you love! And the best part about the miniatures show is that all artworks are little and easy to manage and easy to find a great spot for—everything is is 9x9 inches or smaller! Awesome artwork tinies are in the house!

Enjoy this opportunity to affordably build your personal collection and/or help others do the same—give the gift of art this holiday season! Looking forward to kicking off the 2019 holiday season with you all!

We can't wait to share this show with all of you—the artworks are amazing! See our roster of exhibiting artists below. 

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Loren Abbate
  • Acro
  • Thomas Banks
  • Speedy Blaze
  • Chris Bray
  • Kirk Bray
  • Talita Cabral
  • Thomas John Carlson
  • Gigi Chen
  • Distort
  • TF Dutchman
  • Dylan Egon
  • Keith Garcia
  • George Goodridge
  • Deming King Harriman
  • Catherine Hart
  • Jacie Jane
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • Alexis Kandra
  • Norm Kirby
  • Klando
  • Milosz Koziej
  • Sean 9 Lugo
  • Debra Lynn Manville
  • Nommo
  • Macauley Norman
  • NTEL
  • Pajtim Osmanaj
  • Ekaterina Popova
  • Orlando Reyes
  • Clarence Rich
  • Ru8icon1
  • Alex Tea
  • And More!


  • Alpha Channeling - Utopian Erotic
  • Nolan Price - Acro; Bomb Squad Boys
  • Jai Granofsky - Waiting for Baby
  • Alexis Kandra - The Redwood Tree & Its Friends
  • Ekaterina Popova & Team - Create Magazine
  • Kilroy Savage - Helluva Drugs & More
  • Joe Lotto & Kilroy Savage - Untitled Zine

For a catalog of available works, presale opportunities, or for gallery hours, email us at