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June 10, 2023 

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Welcome to another Saturday of exploring the people and events that help document the American story.


The Underground Railroad


Lectures in History

Watch: 8 am/pm & 11 am/pm


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A tunnel under a Virginia abolitionist church that led to a wharf? Norfolk State University history professor Cassandra Newby-Alexander discusses the history of the Underground Railroad and efforts to escape enslavement before the Civil War. She is the author of "Virginia Waterways and the Underground Railroad."

Dr. Newby-Alexander currently serves as a professor of history and the director of the Joseph Jenkins Roberts Center for the African Diaspora at Norfolk State University, a historically Black university in Norfolk, Virginia.




Ronald Reagan and the Cold War

The Presidency

:  9:30 am/pm & 12:30 pm/am (6/11)


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What was Ronald Reagan’s approach to dealing with the Soviets in the midst of the Cold War? William Inboden talks about what he learned from newly declassified documents and former members of the Reagan administration (1981-89). He explains President Reagan's diplomatic tactic of "you gotta point the gun at get them to negotiate" during talks on nuclear arms reductions.

Mr. Inboden is the author of "The Peacemaker: Ronald Reagan, the Cold War, and the World on the Brink."



Medicine During the Civil War Era

The Civil War

Watch: 2 pm/ 2 am (6/11)



Historians talk about medical advancements during the Civil War era and how physicians treated diseases and diagnosed patients. 


Also Saturday on American History TV


Vietnam War Veterans Monument




The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum dedicated a new monument to Vietnam War Veterans–on the 50th anniversary of the 1973 Paris Peace Accords. Some 100 veterans of that war were present at this ceremony.

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Coming up Sunday on C-SPAN


Q&A: Henry Grabar on "Paved Paradise"

Slate magazine staff writer Henry Grabar, author of "Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World," talks about the evolution of parking in the United States and the consequences of that development today.

He argues that the decades-long importance given to parking has negatively impacted housing costs and development, city traffic, the environment, and more.         

Tune in at 8 pm & 11 pm or enjoy Q&A as a podcast.



The Weekly  

Rosalynn Carter and Betty Ford: A Bond Over Mental Health Advocacy

Rosalynn Carter has championed mental health since her days as President Jimmy Carter's first lady—and even before.

With the announcement that she has been diagnosed with dementia, C-SPAN's podcast The Weekly looks back at her advocacy of mental health awareness and mental health programs. But with a unique perspective: we focus on her collaboration with—and friendship with—fellow First Lady Betty Ford.

We use clips from single and joint appearances at the National Press Club, Congressional hearings, panel discussions—and from C-SPAN's own original features series, "First Ladies: Influence & Image."

Listen to C-SPAN's The Weekly.


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