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All Tickets $20, Assigned Seats


Direction by Jenna Burke, Musical Direction by Kyle Cao, Choreography By Alyssa Natale

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and became the hottest star on Broadway? Why, it's SpongeBob SquarePants! Plunge into this stunning all-singing, all-dancing, dynamic stage show! When the citizens of Bikini Bottom discover that a volcano will soon erupt and destroy their humble home, SpongeBob and his friends must come together to save the fate of their undersea world. With lives hanging in the balance and all hope lost, a most unexpected hero rises up. The power of optimism really can save the world! 

The SpongeBob Musical is based on the beloved animated series created by Stephen Hillenburg and features a book by Kyle Jarrow, with original songs by Yolanda Adams, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Sara Bareilles, Jonathan Coulton, Alexander Ebert of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, The Flaming Lips, Lady A, Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Panic! At the Disco, Plain White T’s, They Might Be Giants and T.I., and songs by David Bowie, Tom Kenny and Andy Paley. Additional lyrics are by Jonathan Coulton, with additional music by Tom Kitt. The musical production was conceived by Tina Landau.


MERMAID MAN CAST (7/6 and 7/8 @ 7:30 PM, 7/9 @ 2:00 PM): 

Sloane Alford, Jada Carter-McCummings, Heidi Dowden, Quinn Hyman, Cole Lesser, Sofia Vanterpool, Paul Vlkovic, Maddie Yadlon


BARNACLE BOY CAST (7/7 @ 7:30 PM, 7/8 @ 2PM, 7/9 @ 6 PM):

Skyler Grosswald-Wilson, Kenzie Kellaway, Grace Rivera, Ethan Stevens, Emma Thornton, Claire Thornton, Margaret Zehner, Natasha Zubrinic


ALL SHOWS: Adya Aswin, Olivia Bexiga, Sara Borkar, Caitlin Carey, Zoe Gianni, Maddie Hill, Samantha Lionetti, Emily Mckeon, Grace Mundy, Emily Piazza, Taryn Ribaudo, Sofia Ritrivi, Valentina Zubrinic


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All Tickets $25, Assigned Seats

RECOMMENDED AGE: 15+ (profanity and simulated alcohol and drug use)

Musical Direction by Kyle Cao, Choreography By Nikki Smith

The two-time Tony Award-winning hit musical Green Day's American Idiot, based on the Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum album, boldly takes the American musical where it's never gone before. This high-octane show includes every song from Green Day's album, American Idiot, as well as several songs from its follow-up release, 21st Century Breakdown.

Johnny, Tunny and Will struggle to find meaning in a post-9/11 world. When the three disgruntled men flee the constraints of their hometown for the thrills of city life, their paths are quickly estranged when Tunny enters the armed forces, Will is called back home to attend to familial responsibilities, and Johnny's attention becomes divided by a seductive love interest and a hazardous new friendship. An energy-fueled rock opera, American Idiot, features little dialogue and instead relies on the lyrics from Green Day's groundbreaking album to execute the story line.


HOLIDAY CAST (7/28 and 8/5 @ 7:30 PM, 7/30 and 8/5 @ 2:00 PM)

James Ciccarelle, Mia Ciccarelle, Ella Conroy, Taylor Eccles, Sophia Erneta, Zoë Espiritu, EJ Gorman, Becca Kampel, Olivia Kider, Amanda Mayer, Alex Nieves, Kevin Oliveira, Will Nissen, Casper Parvin, Sanjana Lal, Claire Thornton, Emma Thornton, Mia Ulrich and Charlotte Vybihal


HOMECOMING CAST (7/29 and 8/4 @ 7:30 PM, 7/29 and 8/6 @ 2:00 PM)

Lee Bowser, Mia Ciccarelle, Sam Clerihue, Ella Conroy, Jayden Declet, Zoë Espiritu, Abby Glass, Cole Januzzi, Becca Kampel, Amanda Mayer, Kevin Oliveira, Casper Parvin, Sanjana Lal, Claire Thornton, Emma Thornton, Simon Thornton, Mia Ulrich, Justice Vera and Charlotte Vybiha






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