Monday, April 25, 2022

Introducing the Jewish Playwriting Contest Podcast Series!

Listen to the best of the JPP!!

The Jewish Plays Project is thrilled to announce the launch of our first-ever Contest Podcast Series! This exciting series of seven 15-minute episodes is riveting, exciting and extremely portable!



Produced by Will Steinberger, Casting by Judy Bowman. created by astonishing array of artists from all over the country. Recording, sound engineering, sound design and editing by Atlanta’s Multiband Studios.


Directors Carolyn Lev, Sara Rodriguez, Annette Jolles, William Steinberger, Illan Stein, Ariella Wolfe, Joshua Silverstein, and designer C Lane.

The cast and team, of Audrey Lang's Lily Ineffable at work. 

Gena Treyvus and the team of Strawberries at the Datcha.


Now, YOU get to VOTE* in the Contest!

The JPP believes in DEMOCRACY, and that means we need each and every person to vote for the play that you think best represents the 21st Century Jewish conversation. 


Generously supported by the Roth Family Foundation


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* Yes, even if you've voted before—as a Panel Reader or as an attendee, you can VOTE AGAIN!!







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