Monday, April 25, 2022

The Box Café Jersey City, Lily Pacheco, and Poet Laureate of Jersey City RescuePoetix Present "Celebrating Jazz and Poetry" | April 27 @ 6:30PM

Celebrating Jazz & Poetry 
WHEN: April 27, 2022, at 6:30 PM
Box Café, 115 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City 
Capacity is limited, tickets are $50.00. Price of entry includes sandwiches and salad. 
For Reservations contact Linda Kerly at 201-428-9475 or email
The Box Café is a BYOB establishment. This event is open to the public.

This event is part of Jazz Appreciation and National Poetry Month. Tickets include a showcase from Jersey City-based artists Kimberly Davis, international vocalist and lead singer for the world-famous disco band Chic, and Dujuana Sharese, National Spoken Word Artist, MC and Arts Educator. 

Hosted by advocates and supports of the Jersey City Arts Culture, Linda Kerly, Lily Pacheo and Susan Justiniano | RescuePoetix embark on a collaboration that joins international ambiance with Jersey City culture.

April is Jazz Appreciation and National Poetry Month. This event is set to highlight jazz performer and featured poets—performing to a live band and unaccompanied.

“Music is international. Even if you don't speak the same language, it just takes one song to bring us all together. The world is definitely a stage and remember... Be FIERCE but stay HUMBLE!!” saidKimberly Davis | SheSangz Academy, Lead vocalist Chic, Jersey City, NJ.

“As the instruments vibe in their own language speak in their own tongue of rhythm I translate this conversation with Spoken Words,” says Dujuana Sharese of her relationship with words and music.

Completing the loop of Jersey City community arts, Soulful Cypher with sound set up and Crystal Letters provides marketing support.

About The Box Café JC:
The inspiration for Box Cafe was born out of a husband and wife’s love for creative baking and cooking from the heart, most of which has taken place in Jersey City - their home for almost 25 years! Their passion to live, work and play in their beloved neighborhood led them to funnel their energy into Box Cafe. They are on a mission to offer homemade baked goods and whole quality dishes that cater to the diverse people of Jersey City, all in a cozy setting that reflects their own home design.

About Special Guest Kimberly Davis:
Kimberly Davis, now a lead singer for the world-famous Disco band Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, glows under the spotlight throughout the world. Across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the UK and even down under, audiences on every continent respond to Kimberly’s exceptional vocal prowess. Across every culture, people can feel the heart, soul, and passion that she always infuses into her music. Kimberly is striving to create a legacy that will forever honor her mother, her music, and her voice. Kimberly’s journey has been rewarding, but her pursuit of more growth continues unquenched.

“I’ve been singing since I could talk. Growing up in a musical household, you can’t help but love and appreciate all types of music. I knew the lyrics to songs that I shouldn’t know the lyrics to and had no clue what I was singing,” Kimberly shares about her love of music.

Born in Brooklyn and raised with love and constant music being played in her apartment, Kimberly is the only child of Carol Jean Davis. She embraced her family music heritage by eagerly becoming involved in anything and everything musical. From elementary school to her attendance at the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Performing arts, the high school that was the inspiration for the hit movie, “FAME,” each of her experiences nurtured Kimberly’s unmistakable talent.

In March 2021, Kimberly established the “SheSangzAcademy,” a vocal and mentoring academy based in Jersey City NJ, with the aim of turning talent into brilliance.

About Featured Poet/Spoken Word Artist Dujuana Sharese:
Dujuana Sharese is an explosive spoken word artist, workshop facilitator, content creator, podcaster, voiceover actor, master of ceremonies and performer who has the ability to tantalize with her comedic truth and vibrant energy. For more doses of Dujuana, visit

About Collaborator Jersey City Poet Laureate, RescuePoetix ™:
Susan Justiniano | RescuePoetix, first Puerto Rican woman Poet Laureate of Jersey City, NJ, is a self-taught bilingual poet. Her passion for words started at age 9 with a dictionary, notebook, and the latest paperback she could get her hands on. In 2006 RescuePoetix™ emerged as a professional artist entrepreneur. As a published and performing poet, she has recorded poems to music, in English and Spanish, is deeply immersed in the Arts across communities throughout NJ, NY, CT, PA and MD and is developing a body of work that focuses on the rich linguistic diversity of poetry. RescuePoetix™ poetry is motivational, uplifting, and empowering; designed to connect on a level far deeper than what the eye can perceive. Spinning verses in Spanish and English, her words weave stories of strength, growth, experience, and love in its many evolving forms. More info:

About Collaborator Linda Kerly (Co-Owner of The Box Café JC):
Linda is a native of Hudson County and graduate of Saint Peter’s College with a degree in business management. She holds a NJ Real Estate license and has been working with Weichert for the past 13 years. Living in the Heights community for 25 years and opened Box Cafe with her husband one year ago in the middle of the pandemic. Box Cafe has served as a community hub for locals, musicians and artists to gather perform and enjoy good home cooked meals.

About Collaborator Lily Pacheco:
Lily Pacheco, Native New Yorker, Pace University & 10,000 Goldman Sachs Small Business Alumni, RID Nationally Certified Interpreter, a Region I Director of CODA International and successful business owner since 2007. Lily is the Founder and CEO of Natural Languages, the first woman and minority owned premiere ASL and Spoken language interpreting firm in the Northeast. | @naturallanguages | 201.984.2505

About Crystal Letters:
Crystal Davis is a multidisciplinary and mixed media performance artist, poet, painter, freelance writer, editor, and social media marketer. She was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey and is the author and creator at Crystal Letters (CL), and the Co-Founder and Co-Producer of OpenRoad Poetry (ORP), an artistic partnership between CL and RescuePoetix TM. Her art and writing projects, CL and ORP, have collaborated with arts non-profit organizations and artists across the Tri-State area, nationally, and internationally. Her work is inspired by nature, color, and the utilization of practical craft through art in the visual and written form. Web: | IG: @crystalletters