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MARCH 12, 2022

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History of the Democratic Party

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Martin Di Caro, host of the History as It Happens podcast, talks to Georgetown University professor Michael Kazin about the history of the Democratic Party. Mr. Kazin describes how the party's politics, ideas and coalitions mirrored larger themes in American history. This program is part of The Washington Times' taping of their history podcast.



First Ladies in Their Own Words: Betty Ford
on The Presidency

Watch it: 2 pm ET Saturday


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This week on our special series, First Ladies in Their Own Words, we hear from Betty Ford. This series, airing as part of The Presidency, highlights eight first ladies who span the second half of the 20th century and the first decades of the 21st century. Tune in at 2 pm ET every Saturday through April. Last week, we started the series with Lady Bird Johnson.


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Coming up Sunday on C-SPAN: Law professor Renee Knake Jefferson, co-author of Shortlisted, discusses the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court and talks about some of the women who were considered for the court in the past but were passed over. Tune in at 8 pm ET Sunday on C-SPAN.


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What is the financial history of the Founding Fathers? How did their personal finances affect the Constitution and the new United States? Historian and Champlain College professor emeritus Willard Sterne Randall puts the focus on how money shaped the birth of America in his book, The Founders' Fortunes. Listen now on Booknotes+.

The Weekly
Several members of Congress — current and past — have direct, personal connections to Ukraine. They include parents and grandparents who immigrated to America from Ukraine — and even one current freshman representative who was born there. In the latest episode of C-SPAN's The Weekly, we hear the personal stories of members of Congress whose ancestry is linked to Ukraine.
Lectures in History
Professor Karen Rader talks about mid-20th century educational films used to teach students about nuclear warfare and science. During the Cold War, policymakers feared the U.S. population was falling behind the Soviet Union in science education. Professor Rader's class includes a look at animated programs created by noted Hollywood director Frank Capra in the 1950s. Listen now on the Lectures in History podcast.

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