Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Open today! International Women's Day virtual exhibition "THE MOTHER SHIPMENT"

We are delighted to announce the return of our annual all women exhibition in honor of International Women's Day (and to kick off Women's History Month!). We are launching an online exclusive exhibition (instead of in the gallery) so that the show can be viewed from anywhere and so we can include artists from all over the country and the world without limitations.

The show is live on Artsy as of today, International Women's Day (IWD), and can be viewed at this link: THE MOTHER SHIPMENT. The works in this show are incredible and highlight the spectacular talents of 33 artists who work in a wide variety of mediums, styles and palettes. There's truly something for everyone in the show. We hope that you will help us fulfill one of this year's main missions of IWD, to "celebrate the work of women creatives" and elevate their visibility by collecting their artwork. All works will be on view virtually through April 8th and purchases can be shipped worldwide. 


This online exclusive show features over 100 spectacular pieces including works on paper, paintings, prints, photography, textile art, digital art and sculptures. The artists of the "THE MOTHER SHIPMENT" are based locally, nationally and internationally. The artworks, although all unique, complement one another so beautifully. Our annual all women MOTHERSHIP series of shows in celebration of International Women's Day have become community building experiences for the participating artists. The women involved have developed long lasting bonds that have led to collaborative creative endeavors and of course mutual support and inspiration. For some artists in this show, this will be their first time showing with Deep Space and we are so happy to welcome them into the greater Deep Space family.

Our 2021 MOTHER SHIPMENT artists include:


Loren Abbate

Talita Cabral

Elisa Capdevila

Gigi Chen

Brittney Jeanne Ciardi

Molly Craig

Dena Paige Fischer

Gionna Forte

Jayne Freeman


Katelyn Halpern

Deming King Harriman

Cortney Herron

Jacie Jane

Rebecca Johnson

Alexis Kandra

Crystal Latimer

Debra Lynn Manville

Miki Matsuyama

Delilah Ray Miske

Katherine Mojzsis

Ekaterina Popova

Francesca Reyes

Cheryl R. Riley

Jessica Rubin

Calli Ryan

Theda Sandiford

Erika Lee Sears

Shamona Stokes

Adrienne Elise Tarver

Heidi Ukkonen

Kati Vilim

Kelly D. Villalba


We are so pleased to feature this stellar line up of artists and to share their work with you. Enjoy the opportunity to view the show remotely from anywhere in the world. Please send us any questions you have and let us know which works really speak to you. Happy International Women's Day to all!


A combination of "THE GIGANTIC MINIATURE" and "MORE MINIS" shows featuring small works by over 60 artists is on view in the gallery through the end of this month. Works for this show can be taken home or shipped on the day of purchase. We continue to update the exhibition with new works so be sure to check in online for new additions or make a reservation to come visit us in person by emailing us at or DM us on instagram @deepspacejc. The safety of our visiting guests remains our top priority—please see our visiting protocols below.

Important Safety Considerations:


·     Only 6 people are permitted in the gallery at once and for a duration of a half hour at a time.

·     All guests must wear a face mask and respect safe social distancing (6 feet) from those outside of their "quarantine pod."

·     We have several touchless hand sanitizing stations throughout the space and we ask that you please utilize them.

If you are feeling at all ill, please stay home and take care of yourself. All shows and the works in it are viewable and purchasable online here —we can also email you a catalog of available works for any show; just send us the email address you'd like us to send it to. 

*Artwork in show title logo above by exhibiting artists Talita Cabral, Catherine Hart, Delilah Ray Miske, Keith Garcia, Erika Lee Sears, Dan Dzierynski, Shamona Stokes, Macauley Norman and Rebecca Johnson.




Alpha Channeling - Utopian Erotic (Art Book); Erotic Coloring Book (Coloring Book of AC Art); Peach Tree and Expanding Universe (Jigsaw Puzzles of AC Art)

Nolan Price - Bomb Squad Boys (Photography Book)

Jai Granofsky - Waiting for Baby (Graphic Novel)

Alexis Kandra - The Redwood Tree & Its Friends (Children's Book)

Ekaterina Popova & Team - Create Magazine (Full Color Art Magazine)

T.K. Mills & Team - UP Magazine (Full Color Art Magazine)

Kilroy Savage - Helluva Drugs & More (One of a Kind Art Zines)

Joe Lotto & Kilroy Savage - Untitled (Limited Edition Art Zine)

Joe Lotto - Sign Painting Tips & Tricks (Limited Edition Art Zine)

Distort - Reaching for the Steal Field Guide (Limited Edition Art Zine)

Kyle Orlando - Travel in Fear (Limited Edition Art Book)

Harrison Doyle - Breadcrumbs: A Prologue (Photography Book)

Max Budnick - Skull Sticker Sheets (Stickers of Original Artwork)

Shamona Stokes - Horn of Plenty (Children's Book)