Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Peter Filichia –

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By John Ahlin & Christopher Patrick Mullen


Two oddball acquaintances meet once a month to play ping-pong in the back room of a rundown sports bar. Chip, a frustrated musician, and Gus, a quick-witted philosophy professor, use ping pong as an escape.

But on this night, things are different: tensions fly, suppressed emotions explode, and deeply harbored secrets come to light. Mesmerizing, witty, and downright brilliant, ChipandGus is an unforgettable captivating comedy!

The Critics Rave!

"Insightful…witty…wonderful.  What a genius idea

Ahlin and Mullen fascinate as Chip and Gus hitting genuinely poignant notes on love and friendship.

I think that they are among the finest performances of the season

I guarantee that you'll laugh a great deal. It's very, very funny."