Thursday, March 11, 2021

New Exhibition Opening at Hunterdon Art Museum

member highlight show featuring terri fraser runs from march 13 to april 18

Terri Fraser, like many artists, strives to find the essence, the soul, “the magic,” that allows for truth to unimpededly flow and channel into the work. According to Fraser, there are times when the elements of truth are clear and shared through the painting or sculpture, while in other instances, because remembrances are not always lucid, that expanding truth results in a more abstract work of art with an elusive tangibility.

Don't Miss the Virtual Opening Reception!
Saturday, March 13, 7 - 8 pm

Join Fraser as she streams live from the museum and takes viewers on a tour of her show, and gives an in-depth look into her work.


Admittance into over 40 shows; solo, member, and juried, as well as achieving awards including several Best In Show, Fraser largely focuses on oil painting but enjoys working on three-dimensional pieces from time to time. Fraser lives among the tall trees at her home and studio in Hunterdon County, NJ.


Terri Fraser, Jump 8


"I have been transitioning from the way I used to approach my work.  After being in isolation from the Coronavirus, I decided it was time to jump.  I am both excited and anxious over the new works. I am an artist who paints in oil and plays with 3-dimension.  Both rely on my feelings towards reminiscences, nature, and the mundane.

When I paint, a grid is my starting point; a grounding element. The grid might be floating on the paper, but still feels like a structure for me.  From there, I play with foreground, background, and the elements of the obscure. I have learned to quiet some of the noise I have in my head and allow the intuitive flow to create.  This is one of my biggest challenges.  The flow usually starts with the to-do list, which I consider to be my grid." —Terri Fraser


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