Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Shortest of Plays for the Shortest of Days + OHS Student Performance

Celebrate the Solstice with Luna!

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We were honored to create a play for City of Orange students to perform over Zoom! Luna resident playwrights Jenny Lyn Bader and Martine Sainvil created this imaginative play inspired by student stories and fanciful re-imaginings of historical and literary events during COVID.

“We can’t thank them enough for crafting this lighthearted and insightful story which not only teaches us how to cope with quarantine, but how to learn and grow from it,” says director Michael Seidel.

"Designed as a what-if version of the land of make believe crashing into 2020 (or vice versa), Strange Happenings jumps from a school library to Wonderland with stops at Mount Olympus and the Magic Kingdom along the way. And who better than a school librarian to help find order in a mixed up, socially distanced, chronologically disordered world?"

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