Sunday, August 16, 2020

 Garden Street to REOPEN! Enroll Now!

Hi Friends,

It is with great excitement that we announce our re-opening on Sept 7th! We will hold all dance classes (except tap) outside for as long as the weather permits us to. 

We are implementing very strict safety protocols, as your children are our top priority, and we want them to dance safely, and have the best class experience. All safety measures are listed on our website. Check out the schedule and pricing below.

Please note we are only offering one classroom or outdoor class at a time to limit the amount of people at the studio at the same time. We are also limiting class size to 7-10 children total per class. This means we have very limited spaces available, and we encourage you to enroll as soon as possible to guarantee your spot in the class you want to take.

email all questions and enrollment requests to Miss Annie at

All Classes are 45 minutes in length except Grown Up + Me are 40 min in length. We will have a break in between classes for thorough classroom cleaning once we hold classes inside after the weather turns cold sometime in October.


3:30pm Ballet 3-5 yr olds Miss Kelsey

4:30pm Mini Musicians Miss Kelsey 3-5 yr olds (30 min class)

5:15pm Disney Dance-Song + Dance 5-7 yr olds Miss Kelsey

6:15pm Intermediate/Advanced Tap Mixed Ages Mr Jeff

7:15pm Adult Tap Mr Jeff


9:30am Ballerina Princess (Grown Up + Me) 1-2 yr olds Miss Annamaria

10:30am Ballerina Princess (Grown Up + Me) 2-3 yr olds Miss Annamaria

11:20am Ballerina Princess (Grown Up + Me) 2-3 yr olds Miss Annamaria

3:30pm Tap/Jazz Combo 4-6 yr olds Miss Joanna

4:30pm Tap/Jazz Combo 7-10 yr olds Miss Joanna

5:30pm Beginner Irish Step Mixed Ages Miss Joanna

5:30pm Advanced Ballet/Pointe/Contemporary Lyrical Miss Annie

6:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Irish Step Mixed Ages Miss Joanna


3:30pm Hip Hop 3-5 yr olds Miss Louise

4:30pm Hip Hop 6-7 yr olds Miss Louise

5:30pm Hip Hop 8-10 yr olds Miss Louise

6:30pm Hip Hop Crew Intermediate/Advanced Mixed Ages Miss Louise


4pm Ballet 6-7 yr olds Miss Kim

5pm Musical Theatre 6-9 yr olds Miss Kim

6pm Musical Theatre 10-Teens Miss Kim

6:45pm Ballet/Contemporary Lyrical 8-10 yr olds Miss Annie


9:30am Ballerina Princess (Grown Up + Me) 1-2 yrs Miss Annamaria

10:30am Disney Dance (Grown Up + Me)  1-3 yr Miss Annamaria

2:30pm Adult Tap Miss Beverly

3:30pm Ballet/Tap Combo 3-5 yr olds Miss Beverly

4:30pm Acro 6-8 yr olds Miss Beverly

5:30pm Acro 9-Teen Miss Beverly

6:30pm Jazz (Classical, Commercial, Funk) Mixed Ages Miss Beverly


9:30am Ballet Grown Up + Me 1-3 yr olds Miss Kim

10:30am Ballet 3-5 yr olds Miss Kim

11:30am Ballet 6-8 yr olds Miss Kim

12:30pm Disney Dance/Song + Dance 3-5 yr olds Miss Kim

1:30pm Ballet 3-5 yr olds Miss Kim

Email us today and help Garden Street come back stronger than ever. We have missed you, and we can't wait to dance with you soon! 

xoxoMiss Annie