Sunday, August 16, 2020

Chatham Playhouse to Host 26th Annual Jersey Voices Festival Via Zoom Starting August 27th

The Chatham Community Players

Chatham Players Jersey Voices 2020

Our 26th annual Jersey Voices One-Act Festival will feature five virtually streamed performances between August 27 and August 30. This year’s production will include six original short plays written by New Jersey playwrights.

We welcome you to join us as we explore the joys of (almost) live, original theater in The Chatham Playhouse, where Jersey Voices has provided a venue for New Jersey playwrights to showcase their work since 1995. There’s a risk in coming to see any author’s new work, whether you’ve heard of them before or not. It’s brave and courageous, and we’re grateful our audience trusts us enough to share the experience. Jersey Voices has presented the work of more than 85 authors in their 26 years.

Performance dates are August 27, 28, 29 at 8 p.m., August 30 at 2 p.m., and a special “Pop-Up Video” performance, where the pieces will be shown with fun facts and cast/crew insights popping up on screen throughout, on August 30 at 7 p.mSpecial cast/playwrights Talk Back will follow the Thursday and Friday performances.

WHERE: Performances will be streamed via Zoom. 
SUGGESTED DONATION: $5 per viewer.
  • A Man Walks Into a Bar by Nathan Christopher, directed by Kevern Cameron. 
    Starring: Dale Monroe and Spy Spiegel Monroe

    Why, she asks herself, is she still working behind this bar anyway, in this nothing-to-see-here town midway between two better places? And then a man walks in.
  • Date With Death by Steven Hayet, directed by Lynn Polan,
    Starring: Ali Archetti, Crystal Ann Bennett, and Ross Pohling

    Dating is hell. Rather than deal with the awkwardness of turning someone down, Angela takes a different route.
  • Free Range Cows by Lynn A. Langone, directed by Joann Lopresti Scanlon.
    Starring: Barb Haag and Anna McCabe
Mom and daughter head out on a road trip, bonding through long stretches of the USA and the music they listen to along the way.
  • Never Will I Ever by K.F. Lerner, directed by Elissa Strell.
    Starring: Liza Harris and Jason Kruk
A newly "empty nested" husband and wife look middle age in the face with sadness, with joy and without blinking.
  • Onward by Lauri MacMillan, directed by Wendy Schibener.
    Starring: Bridget Burke-Weiss, John A.C. Kennedy, Julie Anne Nolan, and Glen D. Post
Two families, created through divorce, come together to celebrate the achievement of their son and reflect on their journey “onward.”
  • Amnesty Week by Loretta Bolger Wish, directed by Christopher C. Gibbs.
    Starring: Lisa Barnett and Terri Sturtevant
In a library, two women discuss the mystery and the magic of falling in love...with a book.


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