Sunday, August 11, 2019

Deep Space Gallery in Jersey City opens MAELSTROM: New works by Clarence Rich

Deep Space Gallery is very proud to present Maelstrom featuring new works by Jersey City native Clarence Rich. This will be Clarence’s third solo show at Deep Space and once again, he brings us something entirely new and exciting.

WHEN:  August 17th to August 31st; Opening Reception Saturday, August 17th, from 7-11pm.
DEEP SPACE GALLERY, 77 Cornelison Ave., Jersey City

In the artist’s own words:

“When old and new ideas 2008 I wrote and recorded an album called Mr. Maelstrom vs The World. I took songs that inspired me and wrote lyrics about self doubt and the struggle of feeling like an outsider in life and in my craft. Tracks like Electromagnetism and Weapon, about attraction and codependency, buzzed in the Jersey underground scene. They became an anthem for the outcast in all of us. My songs of doubt and pain eventually became empowering not only for myself, but for others, too. Mr. Maelstrom, the human vortex who ate all in his path, actually became a good thing.

In this exhibition I travel from the auditory vortex, Mr. Maelstrom, and into the visual, the sharp angular cipher telling a crystallized story. The work celebrates the harmony of vibration and creates the illusion of the perfected flaw.

Maelstrom is an amalgam of path, stroke and technique. Weaving colors and lines, and chain linking patterns, the repetition illustrates the multidimensional mind. A stairway to everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.”

Join in the Maelstrom.


Clarence Rich, a street artist that for the last 13 years has not only made his mark on the street, but also has challenged the gallery scene. His progressive work has inspired a younger generation of urban artists and continues to evolve and mature.

Rich describes his loose approach and technique as “letting his hand run wild.” His work is visually aggressive and conceptually deviant. With an incongruous palette of morose shapes, and sickly human-like characters he manufactures a world that is not yours or mine.