Friday, May 25, 2018

Circle Players announces auditions for Douglas Carter Beane’s “The Nance”

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by Douglas Carter Beane

WHEN: Monday, June 11th, 7 to 9 pm; Thursday, June 14th, 7 to 9 pm;  Callbacks on Tuesday, June 18th, 7 to 9 pm. (Please note callbacks are by invitation only.)
Circle Playhouse, 416 Victoria Ave, Piscataway
Questions may be submitted to the theater at

The production runs Sept 28th through Oct 14th, 2018.

THE NANCE is a highly entertaining and funny exploration of gay life in 1937, a time when being openly gay was often dangerous. It is an ensemble show in which all characters, except Ned, are part of a burlesque company doing comedy sketches. Expert comic timing required. The ability to play an instrument, juggle or dance/sing, etc., especially for the female roles, is a plus, although not required. Note: the women wear burlesque costumes and do some stripping, but there will be no nudity for them. The stripping is comical rather than sexual.

The auditions will consist of readings from the show.

Cast Breakdown:

  • Chauncey Miles – 30s to early 50s.  An elegant, refined gay man, who dresses and speaks show biz every minute of the day.  In the burlesque sketches, he plays the character of “the nance,” an extremely effeminate gay character, played for laughs.
  • Ned – Brief nudity required.  20s to mid-30s, a handsome, down-to-earth butch gay guy.  He knows who he is and doesn’t like playing games about it. 
  • Sylvie – Burlesque performer, 20s to 40s.  She’s got a communist party membership card, and don’t you forget it.  Very opinionated.  Very Brooklyn.
  • Joan – Burlesque performer.  20s to early 40s.  Loves her liquor (maybe a little too much) and loves her job.
  • Carmen – Latin spitfire type, burlesque performer.  20s to early 40s.
  • Efram – 30s to early 60s.  Top banana in the burlesque sketches.  A New York Jew who tolerates communists and pansies, but doesn’t really like them, and makes sure you know it.