Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Guarav Kapoor Live 🤣 Stand Up Comedy at NBPAC


Stand Up Comedy at NBPAC

The Funny One - Guava Kapoor

Magic Entertainment presents Gaurav Kapoor Live!

Nothing is off limits when this Dilliwala talks about life, relationships, friendships, societal norms, the rich and the poor, and everything in between. Raw, unfiltered, and funny. 

Mike on the Mic!

Comedy Show: Mike On The Mic!

Having lived through his share of relationships, tragedies, lessons, and embarrassing moments, Mike Ross channels all that energy into hilarious sets with a touch of “realness”. 

“Mr. Clean"

NBPAC presents Henry Cho: From Here to There Tour 2024

Cho is notable for being one of the only Asian-American acts to appear regularly on the Grand Ole Opry and in 2023 he was inducted as their 229th member. This prestigious honor has not been extended to a comedian since 1973.

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