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George Street Playhouse's Upcoming Production, Having Our Say, gives audiences a secondhand look at 100 years of American History through the powerful stories from women who lived through it all!

Expand your knowledge prior to seeing Having Our Say with a glimpse of the impact these women had on American history. Who are the Delany Sisters?


Sadie Delany (1889 - 1999)
Born Sarah Louise Delany, Sadie became famous at the age of 103, when her book Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years was first published. She earned a Masters Degree from Columbia University in 1925 and was the first Black person to teach domestic science in public schools nationwide. Sadie will be played by Inga Ballard.



Bessie Delany (1891 - 1995)
Born Annie Elizabeth Delany, Bessie received her DDS degree from Columbia University in 1923, and was the only black female in her graduating class. By 1994, she was not only a published author, but earned the Distinguished Alumna Award from Columbia. Bessie will be played by Rosalyn Coleman.


Before you see Having Our Say, check out a NewsHour Interview with the Delany Sisters from 1994, where Sadie was 105, and Bessie was 103. 









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THE CLUB: Developmental Reading in NYC



L to R: Chris Bohjalian, George Merrick, Grace Experience, Ella Kennedy Davis, Ali Marsh, Fred Weller, Monique A. Robinson, Ryan George, and Artistic Director - David Saint

This Monday, George Street Playhouse was in attendance for a developmental reading of Chris Bohjalian's all-new play The Club, which will make its world premiere on our stage this Spring (February 27 — March 17, 2024).

During the process, our team discussed the themes of the play with this reading's cast, and the playwright himself, New York Times Best-Selling Author Chris Bohjalian, as pictured all the way to the left!






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