Monday, November 6, 2023

Next up at LoMotion Live! A Reading to Benefit Elks Army of Hope

Black Friday
By Michael O’Hagan

WHEN: Sunday, November 12, 3PM
 1130 Knoll, Road Boonton NJ
ADMISSION: Suggested donation of $20
Ticket link or email to reserve
Proceeds for this performance donated to Elks Army of Hop

Black Friday is a dark and gripping play by Michael O’Hagan that explores stereotypes, military experiences and an emotionally fraught relationships between a young, impulsive wiseass Airman Brendan Donohue, and his senior ranking female teammate, Staff Sgt. Shannon Hoffman, at a remote military checkpoint in Iraq. 

Trapped on assignment as security forces defenders, their lives take a dramatic turn when a reluctant antagonist enters the picture, setting off a series of tragic and unexpected events. With a blend of dark humor, intense interpersonal dynamics, and a sense of high stakes, the play delves deep into the complexities of identity, prejudice, and the enduring scars of war.

Directed by Lauren Moran 
Starring Douglas McLaughlin, Dave Murgittroyd, Lilli Markey, and Lizzy Raine