Tuesday, June 20, 2023

NEW RELEASE: Elegia Classics CD - Maestro Butts Guitar Compositions




Elegia Classics Releases New CD

Guitarist Stanley Alexandrowicz performs

Guitar Compositions of Maestro Robert W. Butts

"I am so excited," Maestro Butts exclaimed. "Stanley is a wonderful guitarist for whom I've composed several works. To now have a worldwide release of a CD with Stanley performing these works is almost hard to believe."

On June 1, Elegia Classics, an Italian CD label, released a CD of "The Guitar Works of Robert W. Butts," recorded by guitarist Stanley Alexandrowicz.

 Included on the CD are Early Morning Suite, Canti di Venezia, Tombeau in Memoriam Vaclav Kucera, and Impresiones Inspiradas.

 The CD is available through the Elegia Classics website or can be purchased directly from Maestros Butts or Alexandrowicz. A full set of mp3 files will also be available soon.

 If you would like to order the CD from Elegia Classics, click here