Friday, April 28, 2023

Princeton Talks presents Professors Keith Whittington and Leah Boustan


Keith E. Whittington, Professor of Politics

In this recorded talk, Professor Whittington discusses the extraordinary role Universities play as part of our common heritage. Their commitment to openness and diversity of views and experiences are an important part of our future if we can preserve them, but this is not always easy.

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Leah Boustan, Professor of Economics at Princeton University

In this recorded talk, Professor Boustan suggests that we should organize the national conversation about immigration around data and fact, rather than stereotypes and myths. The four myths she looks to dispel are 1) we are experiencing an unprecedented flood of immigration today; 2) immigrants in the past were more successful improving their standing in society than today; 3) immigrants arriving from poor countries are stuck in the underclass and their children will not rise from it; and 4) we are so divided on the issue of immigration that we'll never be able to reform the system.

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