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AMERICAN HISTORY TV: The End of the Vietnam War: 50 Years Later



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April 29, 2023 

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The End of the Vietnam War: 50 Years Later

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It's been a half-century since the last U.S. combat soldiers left Vietnam in 1973–following the negotiated end to hostilities agreed to by the United States, together with North and South Vietnam. Also that spring, nearly 600 American prisoners of war started returning home. On Saturday, AHTV takes you to a day-long conference from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., to hear first-hand accounts and analysis of the war from Vietnam veterans, journalists, authors, historians, diplomats, and military leaders.

Topics include personal reflections, writing about the war and lessons learned, post-war Vietnam, and Vietnam War-era culture and politics.

You'll hear from veteran and former senator and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (R-NE), veteran and former senator Bob Kerrey (D-NE), veteran and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Philip Caputo, Columbia University historian Lien-Hang Nguyen, journalist and author Peter Osnos, journalist and author Elizabeth Becker, former U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Raymond Burghardt, and former LIFE and Time magazine photojournalist Mark Godfrey.


The Vietnam War's "Operation Rolling Thunder"

Lectures in History

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It's been 50 years since the Vietnam War—have you always wanted to know more about Operation Rolling Thunder? This week on Lectures in History,  learn about it from U.S. Air Force professor Douglas Kennedy.

He describes goals of the campaign, such as destroying North Vietnam’s transportation system, and also discusses the limitations put in place to avoid antagonizing other communist powers such as the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China.



High School Advanced Placement: U.S. History Exam

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Jason Stacy and Matthew Ellington, co-authors of "Fabric of a Nation: A Brief History with Skills and Sources, For the AP® US History Course," talk about the Advanced Placement U.S. History Exam.

They explain how this year’s exam is structured, provide strategies for answering questions and analyzing historical documents. This year's test is administered on Friday, May 5.


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Q&A: Richard Norton Smith on "An Ordinary Man"

Presidential historian and author Richard Norton Smith discusses his biography of President Gerald Ford titled "An Ordinary Man: The Surprising Life and Historic Presidency of Gerald R. Ford." He talks about Ford's personal life, anti-establishment politics, and post-presidential years. He also talks about the efforts made by President Ford to heal the country following the Watergate scandal and his controversial decision to pardon Richard Nixon.    

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The Weekly - Top Ten Funniest Jokes Made About C-SPAN by WHCA Dinner Comedians: Ranked!

To mark the 30th anniversary of C-SPAN's live coverage of the WHCA dinner, this week's C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly" brings you this first-ever list: Top Ten Funniest Jokes White House Correspondents' Association Dinner Comedians Have Told About C-SPAN. Ranked!

If you've watched all the dinners—going back to our first from 1993—you probably noticed one common thread: the comedians at the dinners often make a joke about C-SPAN.

Sure, the premises vary. So do the styles. And the punchlines. But the core C-SPAN joke is a mainstay of many WHCA dinner comedian routines.

Enjoy a few laughs about C-SPAN in the latest episode of C-SPAN's podcast, "The Weekly." 

Watch our live coverage of this year's dinner, starting live at 8 pm on Saturday online here, or on C-SPAN TV.



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