Thursday, December 15, 2022

A Hannukah Surprise for everyone who cares about new Jewish stories.




Reinventing Jewish theater.

The JPP will announce the SIX FINALISTS for the 12th Annual National Jewish Playwriting Contest next week! 



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These six plays (and our Semi-Finalists) are
selected from over 300 submissions from around the world.
Brilliant writing matched with 21st Century Jewish ideas—a perfect start to your new year!



This year, the JPP returned to LIVE performance around the country, culminating in a fantastic Festival of New Jewish Plays at the Marlene Myerson JCC Manhattan






This is a critical time for Jewish storytelling and Jewish theater. With old and new forms of antisemitism rearing their heads in places both expected and unexpected, the JPP’s work to present pro-Jewish, progressive stories to thousands of audience members each year is at the forefront of standing up for our people and our culture.