Thursday, September 1, 2022

September Update from Greenwood Gardens





Something Lost, Something Found


Dear Friends,

We have been buoyed by your heartfelt expressions of sympathy in the wake of the passing of Peter P. Blanchard III, our beloved Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. You have offered meaningful stories about interactions over the years with Peter, many of which highlight his passion for and in-depth knowledge about the natural world.  One of these came from Mike Banick, the Director of the Millburn Free Public Library: 
“I only met Peter a couple of times:  once at the library and once in the parking lot at Greenwood Gardens.  We had nice chats and one comment that resonated with me pertained to garden journaling.  He spoke about paying attention to the smallest details, including something as trivial as a newly broken twig.  ‘It might not be significant to you,’ he’d said, ‘but to the plant, that is a significant event.’  That, to me, demonstrated a remarkably empathetic view.  That was years ago but it made an impression on me.  It is something I have thought about from time to time as I consider my own place in the world.  Small words, but a profound thought.” 
I also continue to be struck by the story Peter recounted in the current issue of Seasons, Greenwood’s journal, about an encounter he had with a visitor who had left something behind in the garden that Peter would probably find after closing time.  Peter wrote, “My mind raced ahead trying to envision the abandoned item: binoculars, a cell phone, a book, or possibly a bottle of wine.  After a minute’s pause that kept me guessing, he clarified the mystery by saying, ‘I left behind my worries, problems and concerns.’  As his way of showing thankfulness, this gentleman had described one of the greatest benefits that Greenwood can offer.  During your own visits to the garden, I hope that you will discover this benefit as well.”
As we all continue to mourn the loss of this humble, yet visionary human being, I urge you to take Peter’s words to heart by making use of the garden as a source of peace and comfort.  Small words, but a profound thought.
I look forward to seeing you in the garden.




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