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PUSHCART PLAYERS Announces 2022-2023 Season

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Pushcart Players IS BACK with a robust lineup of in-person and virtual programming!

Announcing the 2022-2023 Season

to delight your young learners and meet your arts-in-education needs

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Lift Every Voice: A Letter to the Editor

a new play by Tylie Shider

presented IN-PERSON

(begins February 2023)

Junebug is a 12-year-old African American boy in the 1960’s South who raises his voice to confront the inequities of school segregation. This play for young people resonates with the voice in each of us to fight against injustice. “LIFT EVERY VOICE...” is a multimedia play exploring the images, music, and spirit of mid-century America during the Civil Rights Movement.



STONE SOUP...and other stories


(begins September 2022)

“Stone Soup...” is a seasoned blend of story favorites from Africa, India, Eastern Europe, and our own United States. Filled with music, color, fantasy and fun, each tale gently raises value clarification issues while introducing the spirit and customs of different cultures. 



CUENTOS del ARBOL (Tree Tales)

Book & Lyrics by Ruth Fost

Music & Orchestractions by

Larry Hochman & Carole Wechter


(begins October 2022)

A bilingual musical drawn from Spanish and Latin American folklore with stories that include “The Garden of the Golden Oranges,” adapted from Spanish legend; “Brothers Who Were Both Wise and Foolish,” a grand adventure set in Spain; “Juan Bobo” or “Silly John” (origins in both Mexico & Puerto Rico) about a boy whose mistakes serve him well; and “Caperucita Roja” or “Red Riding Hood.” The play is designed to enliven Spanish for students studying the language and to make theater accessible for students and families for whom English is a second language.



HOLIDAY TALES: A Season of Miracles


(November through December 2022)


A Multicultural Celebration of the Season


Stories within this heartwarming musical include O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi," an original tale set in Nigeria entitled, "The Kwanzaa Kite," a fanciful tale from The Wise Folk of Chelm, "The Chanukah Miracle," and E.T.A Hoffmann's "The Nutcracker."





Book by Paul Whelihan

Music & Lyrics by Paul Farinella

presented IN-PERSON

(begins January 2023)

A young boy's love and a little nursery magic help transform the Velveteen Rabbit from a favorite plaything into a real rabbit. The Boy and Velveteen embark on exciting imaginary adventures, from deep dark caves to the wide-open sea, and together they learn the true meaning of friendship in this musical re-telling of one of America’s favorite storybooks.



PETER and the WOLF

presented IN-PERSON

(begins March 2023)

This tantalizing version of the classic Eastern European folk tale brings together all the elements of growing up: daring, defiance, confidence, and courage. The themes of this story are what make it a timeless classic, along with the resplendent music of Prokofiev. Filled with laughter and love, friendship and feelings, “Peter and the Wolf” offers something special for the whole family.



Outta This World:

The Adventures of

Kalien the Alien

Book by Sheryl Berk

Music & Lyrics by Ray Andersen

presented IN-PERSON

(begins April 2023)

...Kalien the Alien is the story of a visitor to Earth from another planet. Based on the song by children's pop music icon, mr. Ray (Ray Andersen), this delightful story explores themes of anti-bullying, prejudice, friendship, and social-emotional Learning.






(begins September 2022)

One of America‘s most acclaimed storytellers, Gerald Fierst has appeared throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, telling original stories, stories from his own Jewish tradition, and stories from world folklore. Gerald brings laughter, drama, participation, and surprises from a multicultural collection of folklore, literature, and original material.


"mr RAY"



(begins September 2022)

mr. RAY (Ray Andersen) presents an interactive concert featuring original songs with messages of Kindness, Diversity, Being Creative, and Staying Healthy & Active. Ray also performs family songs by The Beatles, Bob Marley, “This Land is Your Land,” and many more.



For live engagements, Pushcart Players adheres to all safety guidelines and protocols as directed by the Center for Disease Control, Actors' Equity Association, and all individual state mandates. All performers, teaching artists, and stage managers are fully vaccinated and regularly tested. Learn more about our COVID safety practices HERE.

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