Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Princeton Talks presents Professors Frederick Wherry and Laura Edwards



Frederick F. Wherry, Townsend Martin, Class of 1917
Professor of Sociology


In this recorded talk, Professor Wherry explains how we maintain the dignity of the indebted, and why it is important. After spending time with indebted people across the globe, it became clear to what lengths they would go to protect their family's dignity and what lead to their financial decisions. These observations and question of what could be learned by understanding each other's challenges better, lead him to establish the Dignity and Debt Network.

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Laura F. Edwards, Professor of History

In this recorded talk, Professor Edwards tells us the story of how one woman carrying wash through town in 1804 turns into six women and a sheet in an argument before the court. It's a tale of how those shut out of the rights and privileges of society were able to gain property rights through the one commodity everyone recognized and valued—textiles.

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