Monday, April 11, 2022

Stressed? TIFF presents TRY HARDER Wednesday, April 13 @ 7:30pm



This Wednesday, April 13th, at 7:30pm

Try Harder!

For everyone who cares about education, for everyone in the college prep pressure cooker, for everyone who's been there: one school's universal story. The students at San Francisco’s Lowell High School are stressed out. In this special TIFF/Puffin Foundation/PBS-Indie Lens 60-minute documentary, high-achieving seniors share their dreams and anxieties about getting into a top university. But is college worth the grind?



Try Harder: Trailer


From Producer/Director Debbie Lum:

What does it mean for Asian American students to be pressured by high-priced college counselors to “appear less Asian” in order to improve their chances of being accepted into any elite college? What does it mean for Black students who encounter stereotypes that imply that they don’t measure up academically? What does it mean for teens as they enter young adulthood to see the college journey as one that will most likely lead to failure?



After the film, stay for the live talkback with:



Debbie Lum

College Consultant Dr. Frank Andrisani

Test Prep Expert
Jeremy Lentz


Sandi Klein


Be part of the discussion: audience members are invited to ask questions to the panelists by using the "chat" function in OVEE.


Try Harder! is sponsored by Dr. Frank Counseling supporting your college, career, and counseling needs and Lentz & Lentz SAT, PSAT and ACT Prep. Reminder: the film is free, but you must have a reservation (and watch from within the United States) to access the link. Click here to reserve your seat.