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 Nurturing Our Students in Jewish Studies


Class Trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

This year, Gary A. Rendsburg, Distinguished Professor of Jewish Studies, introduced what is believed to be the first course in Egyptian hieroglyphics at Rutgers UniversityNew Brunswick. As the students advanced in his two-semester sequential course, they learned to read and analyze ancient Egyptian literary texts and gained a better understanding of Egyptian history, which are central to understanding the ancient Near East and the emergence of Israelite religion. In March, the class visited the Met's Egyptian galleries where they had the pleasure of reading hieroglyphs on the museum's extraordinary artifacts. This exciting opportunity was made possible with the generous support of the Henry and Marilyn Taub Curriculum Enhancement Fund. View more photos here.

Prof. Rendsburg's new course on Egyptian heiroglyphics made headlines at Rutgers. Learn more here.



Financial Support Available!

Thanks to generous gifts from donors, the Bildner Center and Department of Jewish Studies are able to offer annual student awards for academic excellence in Jewish studies, research in the field of Jewish studies, and study abroad in Israel and other countries. Students must submit their applications and references by April 11.

Rutgers Jewish Studies Awards

Get the details here. | Meet past award recipients here.


Faculty and Students Mingle at Spring Study Break

Students gathered with faculty last week to unwind and chat about their current classes, fall semester courses, and scholarship opportunities available through the Bildner Center and Department of Jewish Studies.