Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A Note from the NJ Arts Maven

Dear readers,

Two things of note that I'd like to address in this post:

1. A subscriber has brought to my attention an ad for a company called Goldco that appears at the bottom of the daily feed you receive, ostensibly from me. It promotes false information about President Biden "stealing" your retirement funds. 

Please be advised that this IS NOT part of my blog; it is evidently a paid advertisement accepted by the company disseminating my blog daily to subscribers, I am looking into this now as I do not want such information attached to the blog I have labored over for 26 years. 

2. Coming out of the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic has been slow for cultural entities. Many have been dark or have relied on virtual programs. Because some of my readers and their friends are reluctant to return to crowded venues, I am continuing to promote virtual events of various types from other parts of the country. Some require you to pay a fee, but I have been especially keen to promote those that are free or charge a nominal amount. Virtual performances, lectures and concerts got me through the pandemic; I hope they will continue to please you.


Ruth Ross