Friday, April 22, 2022



Join Broadway on Demand in celebrating Earth Day by exploring the myriad of educational content about our very own planet!

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Featured Title of The Week 



Yana Wana's Legend of the Bluebonnet

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Modern-day, 13-year-old Maria visits her Native grandmother and learns about ancient Yana Wana and her people’s fight for survival during a drought. Maria discovers her Native identity and responsibility through Yana Wana’s valiant story of finding water. Set in Laredo, Texas this play presents Native dances, ancient traditions, and an alternative, Native-origin story about the first bluebonnets in Texas.


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What Else Is Playing? 


Do You See What I See in The Sea?

Join a lonely goby fish, a young shark who is often misunderstood, and a grumpy old crab as they set off on an underwater adventure full of puppets, lights and music. The unlikely trio end up finding one of the greatest treasures of all: friendship.



Emilia and The Heart of The Amazon

Emilia travels through the Amazon rainforest with her father to join her mother, a conservationist. When her father falls ill, she must work together with the people and animals of the rainforest to help him and along the way, learns why this very special place is worth saving.