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THIS WEEKEND ON C-SPAN2: Nancy Reagan in her own words; Craig Shirley, "April 1945"


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MARCH 26, 2022



First Ladies in Their Own Words: Nancy Reagan
on The Presidency

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First Ladies in Their Own Words continues with Nancy Reagan. In this weekly series airing Saturdays through April, we hear from first ladies from Lady Bird Johnson to Melania Trump about the role of first lady, their time in the White House and the issues important to them.


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Craig Shirley, 
April 1945: The Hinge of History

Watch it: 10 am, 1 pm & 10 pm ET


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Historian Craig Shirley looks at the events of April 1945, which included the final days of World War II in Europe, the deaths of President Franklin Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler, and America's continued war effort.


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“For all intents and purposes, (FDR) was not just president of (the United States) during World War II; he was president of the world. ... He was running a global war. He was kind of the varsity operator, and Churchill and Stalin were somewhat junior varsity.”



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