Friday, March 25, 2022

Princeton Talks presents Professor Laura Edwards and Marna Seltzer


Laura F. Edwards, Professor of History

In this recorded talk, Professor Edwards tells us the story of how one woman carrying wash through town turns into six women and a sheet in an argument before the court. Click the arrow below to hear more about Property Ownership through Practice: How People Made Common Law in the Nineteenth-Century United States, and to learn about her most recent book, Only the Clothes on Her Back, the story of textiles and the people who owned them.

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Marna Seltzer, Director Princeton University Concerts

In this talk, Marna makes a case for attending live concerts and helps explain why we gather. The mini communities that are formed for the two hours we sit together in the dark, connect us to each other through music. Artistic appreciation and aesthetic engagement is a basic human characteristic we all share regardless of our age or background and makes us feel like we belong.

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