Wednesday, March 2, 2022







Three sandhill cranes fly past a setting sun.


Wings Over Water Now Open

Soar along the migratory “flyways” of three bird families: the Sandhill Crane, Yellow Warbler, and Mallard Duck on our 40-foot-high, 60-foot-wide screen. Narrated by award-winning actor Michael Keaton, Wings Over Water features extraordinary footage of bird behavior. Now showing in the LeFrak Theater.





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Parent and child look at a butterfly


The Butterfly Conservatory Returns!

Turn winter into a summer escape, and mingle with up to 500 fluttering, iridescent butterflies among blooming tropical flowers and lush green vegetation in 80-degree temperatures. Free for Members!





A great horned owl, an impressive predator, swoops down to try and make a nighttime catch.

Live Large and Save $20 or More on Your Membership!

Become a member and see Wings Over Water and The Butterfly Conservatory for free! We’re extending a special offer for one more week: use promo code LARGE at checkout by March 7 to receive a $20 or more discount on your membership. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to spend the year exploring the depths of our oceans in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life or the vastness of our solar system in the Hayden Planetarium.





Hand holding a vaccination sticker of the Blue Whale in front of the Blue Whale


Get Vaccinated at the Museum!

You can receive your free COVID-19 vaccination at the Museum. An added bonus: Everyone who receives their vaccination at the Museum will get a voucher for a complimentary future visit to the Museum for up to four people.





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