Friday, January 28, 2022

NJ Rep Announces 2022-2023 Season


New Jersey Repertory Company

2022 - 2023 Season
Comfort Food for the Soul


The Promotion
A world premiere
by Joe Giovannetti
Now through Feb 20

The Forest
A world premiere
by Lia Romeo
March 17 through April 10

The Pin-Up Girls
An East Coast Premiere
by James Hindman & Jeffrey Lodin June 9 through July 10



Also ...
The Hummingbirds: A Comedy of Menace a U.S. premiere by Garret Jon Groenveld, August 4 through August 28

Plus more to be announced ...




One Night Only!

Missing Person written by Susan Campanaro. January 31, 2022. In association with Adam Weinstock. "Missing Person" is a cautionary tale based on the boozy life of Broadway understudy, Lavinia Draper, hilariously performed by Susan Campanaro and set to the emotionally charged music of Lynn Portas. SOLD OUT

Robert Will Show You the Door (Tales of Being Fired) written by Susan Jeremy. February 7, 2022. In association with Adam Weinstock. Susan accidentally became a teacher after years of stand-up and being fired from every survival job. Laugh out loud as she relives the humiliation.


Ghost Story by Lia Romeo
Sinatra and Dorsey by Cary Gitter
A Tailor Near Me by Michael Tucker

For the Life of Me by Joel Stone

Call for tickets 732-229-3166