Thursday, November 4, 2021

CRYPTIC CLUTTER Opens This Weekend in Jersey City

 Hello friends!

Join us for a two-day opening weekend celebration of our newest exhibition. CRYPTIC CLUTTER features a new collection of mixed media works by returning artist Macauley Norman.

This is Macauley's third solo show with us. His work always pushes the boundaries of traditional painting, incorporating unconventional materials and mixing fine art tradition with what is often considered outsider art or craft.

This show explores images as incidental. The artist invites the viewer to consider the visual landscape we ingest day to day and year to year as a panoply without a cohesive narrative, much like the unruly content of our capricious minds.


*Artwork in flyer promo above: "Haunted House" by Macauley Norman


The health & safety of our guests and gallery crew remains our top priority. The show opening is a two-day event so that we can accommodate staggered visits and fewer guests in the gallery at any one time. We highly recommend reserving a visit time slot by emailing us at or messaging us on instagram @deepspacejc. Opening Weekend visiting hours are:

 *Saturday, November 6 | 6-11pm*

*Sunday, November 7 | 4-10pm*


 Important Health & Safety Considerations:

  •  Visitors with reservations are prioritized over walk-ins
  • 6 person gallery capacity
  • 30 minute visits unless otherwise pre-arranged
  • Face masks & social distancing required
  • Hand sanitizer use & hand washing encouraged
  • If feeling ill, please stay home and get well!


Exhibiting artist, Macauley Norman, will be on the premises throughout the weekend to greet you and speak with you about his work. Let us know if you would like to meet him, and we will be sure to make that happen!


Our thoughts materialize much like images on a television screen without command of the remote control. Although it appears to us that we are our thoughts and feelings, this is an illusion. The self is instead a passenger, a witness, observing thoughts and feelings as illusory and transient imagery—pure phantasm. Cryptic Clutter is a depiction of the artist's own phantasmagoria—memory, desire and fantasy illustrated. The content draws pop culture symbolism largely from comic books, cartoons, gaming, iconic branding and advertisements, pornography, fine art history, East Asian art-design-philosophy-martial arts, and classic Americana. Together, the images coalesce into a magnificent scrambled mess...a reminder that the mind is what it eats.


Macauley Norman is a painter and mixed media artist based in Jersey City. His style is part of a growing movement in contemporary painting where formalism and abstraction are combined with pop illustration, and outsider art approaches to fine art to explore the visual and conceptual possibilities of painting. Macauley experiments beyond the ordinary bounds of classic painting with the intention of creating beauty from the delicate balance demanded by unconventional aesthetics.

Check out Macauley's painting, "Things We See Towards the End," spotlighted in Artnet's most recent buyer's guide article here and the coverage in HYPERALLERGIC of his booth at NY Armory Week's SPRING/BREAK Art Show in September here and here.



*"Haunted House" by Macauley Norman



For a catalog of available works from this show or for any questions, email us at

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you this weekend for the opening of Macauley's outrageous new show. All ages and furry friends are most welcome!


Deep Space crew

p.s. Stay tuned for updates about programming scheduled throughout the month that provide opportunities to visit the gallery and meet the artist.

p.p.s. Catch us at Art Fair 14C next week and weekend at Booth #B2, where we will be displaying new works by Rebecca N. Johnson, RU8ICON1, George Goodridge and more! Also, our own TF Dutchman will be exhibiting in the Juried Show, selected as 1 of 40 artists from a pool of 400 applicants.


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