Friday, September 10, 2021

Saturday on C-SPAN2: 20th Anniversary of Sept. 11



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9/11 20th Anniversary

On Saturday, American History TV looks back 20 years at the events of September 11, 2001. Join us for these featured programs and others.


Watch a preview.


Flight 93 National Memorial
on American Artifacts®

Watch it: 9:10 am, 12:10 pm & 9:10 pm ET Saturday

American Artifacts tours the Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, with National Park Service Ranger Adam Shaffer. We hear the story of the hijacked jet that crashed in a remote field on September 11, 2001, after passengers voted to take control of the plane from four terrorists who were headed for Washington, D.C.



Presidential Address
on The Presidency

Watch it: 2 pm ET Saturday

Following the attacks on New York's World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, President George W. Bush addressed the nation from the Oval Office. He declared that the U.S. would find and punish those responsible, noting that the government was fully functional and pledging the full resources of the federal government to the emergency response.



Gary Walters’ Eyewitness Account

Watch it: 5:30 pm ET Saturday

C-SPAN remembers September 11 through the stories of Americans who were at the White House, U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon, as well as those who were in the skies above Washington, D.C. In this interview, former White House Chief Usher Gary Walters recalls the events at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. after terrorists crashed planes into the World Trade Center towers in New York and the Pentagon.  


“(From the White House) I looked over the tree canopy to my right in the direction of the Pentagon, and I could see the big plume of black smoke with flames in the middle of it. ... The fear that was in everybody's mind was obviously that this is not just New York, this is Washington also. And the realization really hit everybody.”






📚 THIS WEEK ON BOOKNOTES+Twenty years ago, on September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the U.S. took the lives of nearly 3,000 people, over 2,600 of whom were in New York City at the World Trade Center. The next day, eyewitnesses to the attacks in New York called in to C-SPAN to share their stories. We look back at some of those calls in this week's episode of Booknotes+.

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