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Saturday on C-SPAN2: Gerald Ford on "The Presidency"; New York's All-Female Barbizon Hotel



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Gerald Ford on The Presidency

Watch it: 2 pm ET Saturday (also scheduled for 2 am ET Sunday)


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In the first of two programs, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum curator Donald Holloway uses archival photographs and film to talk about the 38th president, who took office on Aug. 9, 1974, after President Nixon's resignation. Mr. Ford remains the only White House occupant never to have been elected either vice president or president. The National Archives Foundation hosted this virtual program.

Then, former first lady Betty Ford is honored for her life's work, with a special focus on the White House grounds and gardens. Featured speakers included landscape historian Jonathan Pliska, author of A Garden for the President, and Mrs. Ford's daughter, Susan Ford Bales. The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation hosted this virtual event and provided the video. 



“When we moved in (to the White House), it was a pretty tumultuous time, so I don't think Mother got involved in the flowers as quickly as she would have. ... She had a lot of other things keeping her busy, but she loved the floral shop.”


Paulina Bren, 
The Barbizon: The Hotel that Set Women Free

Watch it: 6:40 pm ET Saturday (also scheduled for 6:40 am ET Sunday)


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In the mid-20th century, New York's all-female Barbizon Hotel afforded young women the opportunity to pursue independent lives. Among the hotel's notable residents: poet and novelist Sylvia Plath, and actors Grace Kelly, Liza Minnelli and Nancy Davis (later Reagan). Author Paulina Bren talks with the New-York Historical Society's Valerie Paley about the hotel's unique role. 






Veteran Canadian journalist Ken Cuthbertson talks about the life and work of American writer John Gunther (1901-1970), author of the popular Inside book series that provided an in-depth look at countries around the world. The series included the 1947 bestseller Inside U.S.A., in which Gunther provided observations, sometimes highly critical, from his visits to every state in the country.

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