Friday, August 6, 2021

Drum to the Beat with MOCACREATE at Home!  + Free Workshop from Our Partners at MCNY!


Thank you for joining our virtual celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival (端午) this week! We’re wrapping up with our special drum-making MOCACREATE today. Missed something? See below for crafts, games, and an awesome zongzi (粽子) recipe!

MOCACREATE at Home: Drum to the Beat!


A dragon boat and rowers on the water.


Thanks for coming back for the last day of our Dragon Boat Virtual Family Festival!

One of the most exciting parts of the Dragon Boat Festival is watching the dragon boat races! Join MOCA Educator Taylor and her talented assistant Roux to learn more about dragon boats and their crews. Then, follow along as Taylor and Roux make and test some different styles of drums and mallets! Are you ready to drum your boat to victory?  

Share your finished projects with us by tagging #MOCACREATE and #MOCACREATEathome on social media, DMing us, or emailing images to Follow our social media for more ways to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival at home!



Free Workshop with Our Partners at MCNY! “We Are One”: Women’s Labor Activism in New York City



Just announced! The Museum of the City of New York is pleased to be joined for this workshop by poet, cultural organizer, and scholar huiying b. chan, who will share his work on the history of the 1982 Chinatown strike, including oral histories with key strike organizers.

Since the early 20th century, New York City women have played a pivotal role in advocating for a fair and safe workplace, pushing for living wages, better working conditions, and benefits that support families. From the 1909 Uprising of 20,000 to the 1982 Chinatown Strike to the ongoing fight for a federal minimum wage of $15, New York women have long harnessed the power of organizing in service of economic justice for all. 

Click here to learn more and register for this free online workshop.


In case you missed it...

MOCACREATE @ Home: Dazzling Dragons!


A dragon head made of a cardboard tube and colorful streamers.


Dragons don’t just sit around- they’ve got work to do! Want to know what kind of job is fit for a dragon? Click here to find out, then make your own colorful river dragon!

Share your finished projects with us by tagging us @MOCANYC, using the hashtags #MOCACREATE and #MOCACREATEatHome on social media, DMing us, or emailing images to



Bundling Love with Zongzi



As a part of the Dragon Boat Festival, people celebrate by wrapping and eating zongzi together with loved ones. Join teaching Artist Sophia Hsu as she teaches us how to make some Taiwanese-style zongzi (粽子). These delicious sticky rice bundles wrapped in bamboo leaves will leave your stomach and heart filled with glee! Share your delicious creations with us @mocanyc on social media, DMing us, or emailing images to

WATCH: Click to watch a demonstration of how they are made!

MAKE: Click here for a Cantonese-style zongzi recipe!

PLAY: Unwrap as many zongzi as you can in this fun digital game!


Pesky Pests!


Double Fifth Fortunes

The Dragon Boat Festival, typically held in June, is considered one of the unluckiest days of the year. Fend off bad luck by catching lucky plants and herbs — like pomegranate flowers, Chinese ixora, and calamus — and  avoiding the five poisonous pests (五毒) — the lizard, toad, centipede, spider, and scorpion— in this digital game you’ll want to play more than once.

PLAY: Race a dragon boat to catch objects to ward off misfortune, while also avoiding plagues that appear during the fifth lunar month, such as snakes and lizards!

MAKE: Click here to learn more about the five poisonous pests and create a critter of your own out of clay!


Poster featuring a cute cartoon of a dragon boat and dragon boat racer.





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