Thursday, August 26, 2021

Charlie Apicella/Jon Herington: Two Views of The Blues

Two Views Of The Blues
with Charlie Apicella & Jon Herington

NYC based jazz guitarist Charlie Apicella and veteran guitar master Jon Herington of Steely Dan team up for this exclusive TrueFire collaboration.  

The pair break down everything you need to play blues like a pro, complete with a three episode video podcast, forty lesson videos, and an exclusive studio perfor
mance and backing track all detailing a classic F Blues.

·       Charlie Apicella & Iron City feat. Madame Pat Tandy
Sat., Aug. 28, 4-5pm.  Long Branch, NJ Jazz Festival

·   Charlie Apicella & Iron City feat. Madame Pat Tandy
Sat., Sept. 25, 7-10pm.  Jazz Loft, Stony Brook, NY

·   Apicella/ Skaff Solid Guitar feat. Dave Stryker
Sat., Oct. 2, 3-5pm. Northampton, MA Jazz Festival

LP and CD available on Amazon: 

The Charlie Apicella Trio: Classic Guitar
#1 on the RMR
Top 50 Classic Jazz radio chart 
February 2021: