Monday, July 5, 2021

Ruby Bones Celebrate Album Release July 9 at Montclair Brewery

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New Jersey indie/alternative rockers Ruby Bones celebrate the release of their new album 

Laser Tooth Tiger 

WHEN: Friday, July 9
Montclair Brewery, 101 Walnut St., Montclair

The new album released via Mint 400 Records (via The Orchard/Sony) is the follow-up record to their Billboard-charting debut record, the album reached #21 most-added on the NACC Radio chart cracking the Top 200 at #195.

  • “Don’t Lose Your Head” brings buoyant melodies and upbeat songwriting to the fore, penning a brilliant indie rock rager with a hopeful core. Bright melodies, handclaps, and an instantly quotable chorus provide an undeniable pop appeal that’s only made more effective by the driving pace, rapid-fire drum fills, and earworm guitar lines.” —Under The Radar
  • “But what will we want to hear when our spirits rise, when the paranoia recedes, when we’re barreling down the Parkway toward the Shore with the windows wide open and big beaming smiles on all our faces? Two words, ladies and gentlemen: Ruby Bones.” —
  • “The sonic equivalent of a high-five.” —mxdwn
  • “Instantly enjoyable.” —Add To WantList



With Laser Tooth Tiger, Ruby Bones was at a precipice. Did they need to write a record lamenting the current doom and gloom of the world? To highlight the never-ending news, the feelings of being stuck inside? Or did they want to write an album for the aftermath—a party record for their friends to rage to.

They chose the latter. 

Paying tribute to all their favorite indie rock bands and instilled with youthful nostalgia, Laser Tooth Tiger merges overdriven guitars with classic rock riffs and an underlying sense of adventure. It’s a record detailing the trials and tribulations of being young while reaffirming that it’s all worth it and you’re going to be just fine.

Under The Radar premiered the video for the single “Don’t Lose Your Head” calling it "a brilliant indie rock rager with a hopeful core." The video  was written and directed by Brian Lonano (Gwilliam), received Music Video of the Year at the Coney Island Film Festival, was nominated for an Audience Award at the Georgia Film Festival, and became an official selection at the Oscar-qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival.