Sunday, June 27, 2021

For Diane—Piano Solos for Diane Moser on Minus Zero

 MINUS ZERO Presents

Piano Solos for Diane Moser

FOR DIANE is a compilation album dedicated to the memory and legacy of Diane Moser. The album features seven virtuoso pianists performing solo tributes to Diane as gestures of respect, love, and admiration. 

Diane was an incredible force coming out of the New Jersey tristate area, both as a pianist and bandleader, as well as an educator, community activist, mother, and nature enthusiast. She is remembered by all who encountered her as an incredibly warm person, who was always extremely encouraging of other musicians' individuality and creativity. Diane was also a fierce supporter of women’s rights and was very enthusiastic about Minus Zero’s mission of raising funds for Planned Parenthood. Diane’s contributions to the label can be heard on For My Mother and Top of the Head.

 features the artistry of Satoko Fujii, Carol Liebowitz, Ricardo Gallo, Mara Rosenbloom, Dred Scott, Virg Dzurinko, and Kazzrie Jaxen, each offering their own musical tribute to the New Jersey pianist. Like Diane, these are individuals who have dedicated their life to making the world a better place through music.  Diane said this about her masterful 2018 album, Birdsongs: “I wanted this recording to have a healing effect on those who listen. Our world is overrun with all kinds of sounds that are not always good for your health, or mental and emotional well-being. I wanted this recording to be a respite from that, so that those who listen can feel relieved from their daily stress and feel refreshed and positive.”

FOR DIANE was conceived in the same spirit of healing through music. All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood through Minus Zero.

Listen to a bit of FOR DIANE or purchase the album ($10 USD) HERE.