Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Together Apart, Episode Three is Now!

Season 1, Episode Three available now.

Best consumed before the end of times.


Balkie Falls In the Well - Together Apart - Episode 3


Together Apart

A Web Series

Episode 3: fresh on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Episodes will be released weekly through May 11.


Balkie Falls Into a Well

Nephew Balkie is a bit of a mystery to his housemates. Is he really 12? Is he really Cockney? And what's with his teeth? When Balkie falls into a well, he wonders whether anyone will miss him.



Nicole Callender is Sipowicz

Clark Scott Carmichael is Kirk the Cowboy

Harry Patrick Christian is Lady Fonzarelli

Laura Ekstrand is Mrs. Garrett

Noreen Farley is Blair

Julian Blake Gordon is Uncle Jesse

Scott McGowan is Brother Mork

Daria M. Sullivan is Six

Jason Szamreta is Balkie

Harriett Trangucci is Laverne





Executive Producers

Laura Ekstrand, Jeff Ertz & Dave Maulbeck

Directed by

Dave Maulbeck

Written by

Dave Maulbeck

Developed by

Dave Maulbeck and David Lee White

Art Direction by

Yolanda Fundora

Sound Mix by

Aidan O'Connor

Graphic Design by

Yolanda Fundora

Production by

Jeff Ertz

Visual Effects by

Dave Maulbeck

Original Theme

“Coming Together Apart” by Julian Blake Gordon

Additional Music provided by


Produced by

Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre & 2Scoop Productions



 Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre

Oakes Center * 120 Morris Avenue *  Summit, NJ 07901

Tickets: 800-838-3006 | Info: 908-514-9654