Monday, April 26, 2021

 Auditions: A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Check out the audition opportunity below!

Send your video audition to: BEFORE APRIL 30th WITH A LIST OF CONFLICTS/WORK HOURS WITH A SUBJECT LINE “Midsummer Video Audition.” Will be a combination of zoom rehearsals and in-person rehearsals to end up being a filmed live production that will be streamed.

Titania/Hippolyta: For this role I am looking for a someone who identifies as female between the ages 25 and 45. This role requires poise, strength, passion and grace. You are the queen of two very different realities, a respected figure by all who can also lose all of that grace and poise at the drop of a hat and give into the feelings of lust and desire. READ ANY TITANIA MONOLOGUE.

Bottom: Looking for somebody who identifies by any gender and is any age older than 20. This role requires a massive and fragile ego and a hunger to be the best at all times, willing to make yourself look like an ass to get it. READ ANY BOTTOM MONOLOGUE.

Lysander: Looking for somebody who identifies as male. A hopeless and sweet romantic who will do anything for his love. Between the ages 18 and 30. READ ANY LYSANDER MONOLOGUE.

Hermia: Looking for someone who identifies as female who is 5’5” or shorter. A confident and romantic person who is a loyal friend and love. Between the ages 18 and 30. READ ANY HERMIA MONOLOGUE.

Egeus/Philostrate: A double cast role for someone who identifies with any gender. A hot head, a strong hand, someone who stands for order and rules. Must be 40 or older. READ EGEUS MONOLOGUE. 

Looking for 2-3 characters to play as a mechanical and as a fairy. Any age, any gender. An ensemble role that requires humor, attention to detail, good quick changes and the ability to bring a different character to each role. A fun part that allows a lot of personal choices. If you sing or play an instrument that is a plus but not required. READ PUCK’S CLOSING MONOLOGUE AS AUDITION.