Monday, October 5, 2020

Join MPAC for a Virtual Interactive Superhero Event

Seize The Show Presents: Empowered (virtual)
Wednesday, October 7, at 7:00 pm
Thursday, October 8, at 7:00 pm

Tickets: $10


What would you do if you have super human powers? Would you live on the right side of the law? Or would you be a renegade, wreaking havoc in order to right the wrongs of the world?
It’s your CHOICE when you join us for our new Seize the Show adventure EMPOWERED, a thrilling, superhero origin story in which every choice you make creates an alternate universe with a new you, with infinite variations. Join us for this brand-new event that's fun for the whole family!

Hypable: Seize the Show’ presents an opportunity to be immersed in a superhero story


In this groundbreaking Seize the Show first, you are Dr. Faith Prism PhD, and you are about to make a ground making scientific discovery. But when you do, you become a part of a battle spanning the multiverse with powerful heroes, colorful vigilantes and sinister villains. Your choices determine who lives, who dies, the fight for goodness or greed, and the side you choose once you become empowered.


About Seize The Show

Seize The Show lets you experience a new world of audience-directed entertainment, brought to you by the Executive Producer of Broadway’s Slava’s Snowshow and Off-Broadway’s Puffs.

Powered by patent pending Gamiotics technology, our stories allow for the audience to make choices and take action in real time during the show (using their smartphone). Each choice they make can affect the story and the outcome. The audiences actions are projected live, as they are happening, providing a rollercoaster of an immersive experience. More than just choices, Gamiotics also allows for different types of audience interactions. Each story has multiple endings, based on the audience direction, making sure that no show is ever the same twice.