Friday, October 2, 2020

Q Anon, Ghost Stories, and...Little Richard?

MST: Mile Square Theatre

Kennedy Davenport as Little Richard

Up Next in Given Circumstance!

Two more world premieres coming your way. Buy your tickets before the deadline on Sunday and watch them any time you'd like! The videos don't expire until you watch:

Lights Out
by Audley Puglisi

Two friends meet online to share ghost stories deep into the night. A spooky thriller with a twist ending!

Oh, This is Rich!
by Kevin R. Free

It’s 2024 and a conspiracy theorist is reluctantly logging onto Zoom, where he meets the famous Q of conspiracy lore. But who, or what, Q really is turns his world upside down. JFK, 5G, Nicki Haley, Little Richard, and so much more get tangled up in the web as he tries to discern the truth from the lies. 


Given Circumstance: New Plays in the Virtual World

More About Given Circumstance

Sept. 18th - Oct. 11th

Tickets: $15-$20 

Given Circumstance is a short play series featuring seven new plays written specifically for the Zoom format. The four-part series begins September 18, and runs every weekend through October 11.