Sunday, September 20, 2020

This week at GSP! Watch JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE at home

John Lewis: Good Trouble

Join us, NJPAC, and audiences from across the country for a nationwide watch of the riveting new documentary John Lewis: Good Trouble followed by a live virtual panel on Monday, September 21, @7 PM featuring the film’s director and civil rights advocates as they talk about Representative Lewis’s legacy of fearless protest and how we can keep his campaign for justice alive. 

First, rent the filmdirectly from Magnolia Pictures. This rental allows you exclusive access to two other videos: Film of an interview Congressman Lewis gave to Oprah Winfrey shortly before his death earlier this year, as well as a one-hour panel, recorded in July, between the film’s director, Dawn Porter, and two of the other original Freedom Riders, Dr. Bernard Lafayette and Dr. Rip Patton. Your rental also includes a $5 donation to us!


The next episode of "Putting It Together" premieres on September 24! Artistic Director David Saint sits down again with Michael Mastro (The Sunshine Boys) and Lee Sellars (Midwives) to discuss unforgettable memories from the stage, unexpected moments, and more! Tune in on Facebook & YouTube.