Friday, August 28, 2020


The People Garden is an inspiring show about a kindergarten class learning many of life’s simple yet most important lessons. Through great songs, laughs, and moments that will touch your heart and soul – this heartwarming, family-friendly musical, touches on honesty, bullying, sharing, loss and friendship. 


This 60-minute musical has been adapted specifically for this new world, now taking place in a virtual classroom! It was filmed entirely on Zoom and then edited into a brand new musical movie!

ShowTix4U Stream at Home


We are excited to offer a way for you to view The People Garden from the comfort of your own home - with the best seat in the house!  Patrons can purchase tickets through ShowTix4U that will allow you to stream The People Garden! at 7:30pm ET August 28, 29, and 30th—with each cast streaming all three nights—so you can watch just one or you can make a weekend of it and enjoy all three. 

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Meet our THREE amazing casts!


ANDI: Erin Mazzeo

AMANDA: Sarah Mattle

BARRIE: Isabella Burdick

BETHANY: Lyra Winton

CHUCK: Sanjana Krishnan

CLAUDINE: Dior Lukanski

DAVID: David Mattle

DANIELLE: Karen Blevins

EDDIE: Jack Maron

ELLEN: Alesandra McFadden

MS. SYLVIA: Lindsay Maron


ANDI: Victoria Chan

AMANDA: Natalie Chan

BARRIE: Seraphine Brooks Tahan

BETHANY: Rosalie Bruton

CHUCK: Francesca Collett

CLAUDINE: Clara Stack

DAVID: Peter Piccini

DANIELLE: Victoria Collett

EDDIE: Connor Maron

ELLEN: Hailey Feeman

MS. SYLVIA: Lindsay Maron


ADAM: Levi Pearl

AMANDA: Jordyn Gulliford

BARRIE: Bronwyn Boris

BETHANY: Chloe Pfeifer

CHUCK: Rayan Czerwonka

CLAUDINE: Ellivia Gold

DAVID: Michael Sargent

DANIELLE: Lena Marano

EMMY: Maeve Schoenfeld

ELLEN: Allegra Tumbleson

MS. SYLVIA: Lindsay Maron