Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Just Announced! Jersey Fresh @ Home Open Mic Series & 10 Newark Creators Series!


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Get a glimpse of all the artistry growing in the Garden State each week at Jersey Fresh, NJPAC’s new weekly open-mic online series, where we turn the spotlight on performers honing their craft right here. Hear new work from the not-yet-discovered singers and comedians, dancers and rappers, poets, and actors of New Jersey. Turns out, we’re a pretty brilliant bunch!

Wait, you say you’re a performing artist yourself? Then we want to hear from you, to see if you’re a fit for the Jersey Fresh series! Fill out this submission form, and upload a one- to two-minute video of your best rock song, spoken word performance, pas de deux, or stand-up set—or send us a link to a video of your performance on Instagram. (Group acts are welcome too!) Your performance will reach all of NJPAC’s 80,000 followers on Facebook, and be archived on our online performance portal, NJPAC In Your Living RoomLEARN MORE


WHEN: Sep 15 - Nov 24, Tuesday @ 6PM
WHERE: LIVE on Instagram!
In a time of constant change and overlapping challenges, how are Newark’s most creative thinkers working, evolving—and thriving?

Join us every Tuesday at 6PM on Instagram Live to have an in-depth conversation with the young innovators who’ve made this city’s tight-knit community one of the most diverse, interesting and active in the state.

You’ll be able to ask them questions about their work, their response to the pandemic, and the Black Lives Matter movement—and learn more about the energy that’s making New Jersey’s largest city so resilient.  LEARN MORE