Thursday, August 20, 2020

 Drama Geek Studios announces auditions for fall shows!


Drama Geek Studios will hold both in-person and virtual auditions for our upcoming fall productions of both Annie Jr. and Sister Act, respectively. 

They will adhere to all social distancing guidelines for those who choose to audition in person. 

Because we are in new territory with live theater, both shows and the rehearsals will be handled differently. 

  • Each show will have 2 in-person rehearsals as well as 2 online rehearsals a week. 
  • The performances themselves will be pre-recorded and aired this fall through an online virtual ticket company. 
Because  performances will be pre-recorded and virtual, a recording schedule will accompany the rehearsal schedule. 

If you or someone you know is interested in auditioning for either show, please have them schedule an audition via email at

Whether in person or virtually, the audition should consist of a minimum of 16 bars or 30 seconds of a song from the musical you are auditioning for. If you feel another song is a stronger representation of your talent, please include that song with your selection from the show. 

For more information or questions you can call 973-512-8251 or email