Tuesday, June 2, 2020

From The Montclair Orchestra: Music To Unite Us In Troubled Times

Music Unites Us, Inspires Us, Comforts Us. 

As America struggles from within this week, we would like to raise our voice with the unifying sound of music. This March 2019 performance of George Walker’s “Lyric for Strings” has been previously seen on these channels, but the piece has never had greater significance than now. In his visit with The Montclair Orchestra prior to the concert, the composer’s son Gregory explained that his father had written the work in memory of his own grandmother, who described the experience of slavery with these chilling words: “They did everything but eat us.”

The Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, who made Montclair his home during the final decades of his life, spent an entire career fighting racial barriers and discrimination. We invite you to listen anew to this gravely beautiful and deeply moving work, and to share in our belief that music has the unique and profound power to unite people and transcend such barriers.

#BlackLivesMatter #TakeTwoKnees #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd

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