Wednesday, May 13, 2020

JCTC Voices From Around The World: Strength

This event will be held online on Zoom. Those who RSVP here will receive a meeting ID and password to join this event in real time.

JCTC Conversations: Voices From Around The World is the weekly online series linking artists from Jersey City together with artists from around the world in an interactive experience featuring performances, interviews & discussion.

Each episode also showcases visual, performing arts, and theatre artists, establishing dialogue and exchange at the cover of JCTC Conversations: Voices From Around The World quirky, engaging and eclectic.

May 15 - Episode 5: STRENGTH


  • Megha Sood, Poet (India / USA)
  • Jadranka Vrsalovic-Carevic, Head of Office, Institut Ramon Llull, Catalan language and Culture
  • AmeriAfrica: Àfrica Llorens Catalan artist & Amer Kabbani Catalan artist, Circus (Catalan company, Barcelona)
  • Kamchàtka Street Theatre Company, Catalan Company, Theatre
  • Catalan company, Barcelona)
  • Pavement Dance with Christopher Kinsey & Maggie Costales, Dance (USA)
  • Vikram Lyengar, Dance & Theatre (India)
  • Ingrid Griffith, Theatre (Guyana / USA)
  • Ayako Takahashi, Ayalis In Motion, Dance (Japan)


Episode 7: REVELATION on May 22

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