Friday, May 29, 2020

A Virtual Play Reading Party On Zoom, Sun May 31st - FAMILY INHERITANCE by Anthony Fusco

Join us for a FREE Virtual Play Reading Party on Zoom. Have your drinks and desserts handy and sit back and enjoy the Play Reading of FAMILY INHERITANCE, Written & Directed by Anthony Fusco, on SUNDAY, MAY 31ST @ 6:45 PM EST (U.S. and Canada)

As a family tries to bond with their only son, he discovers an inheritance that was passed on to him at birth.

The cast includes: BINIYAM ABREHA as Niles Warren, ELIZABETH COTTLE as Tara, MARSHA-ANN HAY as Patricia Warren, MATTHEW PRIESTER as Damon Warren, and CHRIS DAWSON as James.

There will be a TALK BACK afterwards with the Playwright and Cast after the reading. Van Dirk Fisher, Founder & Artistic Director of the Riant Theatre and producer of the JOCUNDA MUSIC, FILM & THEATRE FESTIVAL will be the moderator.

RSVP to join the party on Zoom at

Virtual Play Reading Party on Zoom Sunday, May 31st @ 6:45pm EST

Submit your play for our Online Play Reading Series

This class might be right for you if you:

· Are a playwright of any level looking to start the first draft of your new play;

· Are starting out in the world of playwriting or want to write your first play;

· If you want feedback on a play you’ve been writing and would like to do some rewrites;

· Want to learn some of the elements of writing a play, building a character and telling your story.

In this class you will:

· Read various plays of different genres and discuss them;

· Be given assignments in class to write a scene in 15 minutes and then have people read your scene aloud and receive feedback;

· Bring in new pages and have them read aloud in class by others and receive feedback;

· Be given assignments to strengthen your writing skills;

· Network with other artists in the class;

· Receive inspiration from invited industry guest speakers; and

· Some playwrights may be invited to submit their plays to the acclaimed Strawberry One-Act Festival and the Jocunda Music, Film & Theatre Festival in New York City.

For the Zoom Class your instructor will send you a link to enter the Zoom Class.

You can access Zoom on your computer, laptop or your mobile. You just click the link to launch the virtual classroom via your web browser. In the Zoom Meeting, each participant can share their webcam so that you’re not only hearing your instructor and classmates, but seeing them too, making it feel similar to being in a classroom. Other collaborative Zoom features include Breakout Rooms in which students can meet in smaller groups. You can share videos and transfer files for your assignments. If you can’t log in on your computer you can call in on your phone so you can still participate if you find yourself without access to your computer or internet access. And Zoom has an Apple and Android app, making it possible to take part in class from any device.

Register for Online Playwriting Classes on Zoom


The Riant Theatre is casting for a Zoom Play Reading of THE BREAKING POINT by Karen Brown, which will be on Sunday, June 7th at 6:45pm EST. Rehearsals will be on Zoom on Tues, June 2nd and Thurs, June 4th and possibly Sat, June 6th.

Setting:  A small town in Connecticut. Home of John Johnson and his son Tim Johnson. Tim was a successful Hollywood screenwriter who had to return home to his father’s home after a he suffered a psychotic breakdown.

Cast Breakdown:

John Johnson:  Father of Tim Johnson, 56 years old, African-American. His wife left him 22 years ago.

Tim Johnson:    Son of John Johnson, 28 years old, African-American.  Tim was a successful Hollywood screenwriter who had to return home to his father’s home after a he suffered a psychotic breakdown.

Tina Johnson:   John’ estranged wife, 54 years old, frail body, is dying from breast cancer.

Lynette Pettigrew:  John’s girlfriend of 22 years, 54 years old. She and John have one son together named Dale.

If you are interested in auditioning for a role email us your picture and resume at We will email you audition sides and you can send us an audition tape. All actors selected for the Zoom Play Reading must have access to a computer, laptop or an iPad in order to participate.

Jocunda Muisc, Film and Theatre Festival "Music for America"

Grants for Artists/Performers

Here's a grant for artists/performers up to $5,000 experiencing job/gig loss, etc. APPLY ASAP!!!

The Riant Theatre and Strawberry One-Act Festival hopes that everyone is in good health and safe during these uncertain times. Our commitment to providing a nurturing environment to develop new plays and outstanding artists is stronger than ever before. We will always celebrate the artists and offer opportunities for them to create and challenge themselves. To that end we are planning our next festival for August through October at ARTEL Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. If we have to make any adjustments to the starting date due to the current ban, we will make those adjustments once the ban is lifted for Performing Arts Centers.


Artists have always been the ones to create art during troubling times and have been able to give us all a ray of hope and find the common thread that bonds all of humanity. I hope that you can use this time to write your plays and tell the stories that we so desperately need to hear. In the meantime, playwrights can submit plays to the Strawberry One-Act Festival (Short plays and musicals 15-30 minutes and Long Plays and Musicals 40-90 minutes). Your script should include your bio, Breakdown of Characters, Your Contact information, email, telephone number and mailing address, and a brief synopsis of your play. Submissions are being accepted online at

We’ve extended the deadline to June 30th.

Things are getting better. We hope you are well. Stay strong. Be safe. We have hope for a better future. We must not lose faith. We will beat this and together we will rise.

We have a wonderful opportunity to give more opportunities to artists, filmmakers, singers, comics, writers, dancers, playwrights, actors, performers, designers and creators of new content. And we will be doing it at ARTEL, The Destination for Creative Minds. Check out more information about ARTEL and our Festival by clicking here.

Artists, Designers, Writers & Vendors Wanted

The JOCUNDA: Music, Film & Theatre festival is accepting submissions from performing artists, writers, filmmakers & vendors for it's upcoming festival, which will be held at ARTEL HOTEL in Brooklyn, NY.

Visit our Website

Singers, Hip Hop Artists & Bands

We will be showcasing upcoming singers and hip hop artists in the festival, who will perform on a program with recording artists. Each selected artist will perform a 15 minute set. There will be media coverage of the festival and representatives from the music industry will be in attendance. Please send us a link to your music, a short bio and a long bio and a link to your social media pages. Email your information to

Link to Additional Information about the JOCUNDA Festival

Films Wanted

We are accepting Short Films, Feature Films, Music Videos, Student Films and Animation Films. You can submit your film through FilmFreeway. Deadline to submit is April 20th. Submissions are open now.

Click here to submit your film

Plays and Screenplays Wanted

We are accepting submissions of plays and screenplays for our Reading Series. Send us up to 10 pages of your script to be read at the Festival with a Talk Back session afterwards for the general public and invited Industry Professionals and Investors. If your play is accepted you can either bring your own cast to read your script or you can choose actors who will arrive early at the festival to rehearse your script for the reading. You can submit your script through FilmFreeway.

Submit 10 pages of your script through FilmFreeway click here.

Fashion Designers Wanted

Submit photos of your designs to be considered for the Fashion Show at the Jocunda Festival. Designers chosen will get to hit the runway and show up to 10 designs in their Collection. In addition, they will receive a Vendor's Table to sell their designs at the event and a business card size ad in the Festival Guide. The Fee to Participate is $350.00. To be considered please send 5 photos from your collection, links to your social media pages, a short bio and a regular bio, a photo of yourself, and a link to any videos you have of your work.

Email Us at

Novelist & Spoken Word Artists Wanted:

Novelists: If you have a book you can sell it at a Vendor's Table and read an excerpt from your book at our Spoken Word & Poetry Slam. Vendor's Tables for Books are $350 and you will receive a Business Card size ad in our Festival Guide and we will sell your Book on our website. People attending your show will receive your book and a Drink Ticket. To be considered send us your short bio, regular bio, photo of yourself, a jpeg of your book cover, the price of your book, links to your social media pages, and an excerpt of what you will read at the show.

Spoken Word Artists send the material of what you would like to read in the show, a jpeg photo of yourself, a brief bio, links to your social media pages. If selected to perform you will have to pay for your ticket to attend the event, which will include a drink ticket and food ticket.

Send materials to

To receive an application:

Vendor's Tables are $350 for a day. $650 for 2 days. $950 for 3 days. All Vendors will receive a Business Card size ad in our Festival Guide and Digital Promotion on our social media pages. On Friday, August 14th Vendors can set up at 6pm. The first show begins at 7pm and the After Party ends at 4am. On Saturday, August 15th and Sunday, August 16th vendors can set up at 10am. The first show begins at 11am and Series of shows ends at 6pm. The 2nd Round of Vendors can set up at 6pm and stay until 4am. You can choose to have a table on Saturday and/or Sunday for the 1st Session (10am-6pm) or the 2nd Session (6pm-4am).

Email us to receive an application at